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Ridge Augmentation

This picture shows multiple teeth sticking out over the gum line, an unnatural look

This Picture Shows Multiple Teeth Sticking Out Over The Gum Line, This Presents An Unnatural Look Bound To Cause Further Mouth Health Issues

After The Ridge Augmentation Procedure Has Been Completed

After The Ridge Augmentation Procedure Has Been Completed The Teeth Look Completely Natural Without Fear Of Future Break Down Or Cleaning Issues

Many times when a tooth is lost your jaw bone and gums will collapse where that tooth once was leaving an unsightly gap between your gums and the replacement teeth. This will also give the appearance of an overly exposed tooth line, be nearly impossible to clean around and open the window for further tissue problems. With ridge augmentation the gums are built back out to cover the overly exposed teeth and fill in the unsightly gap.

The jawbone that surrounds the dental cavity of your lost tooth starts to lose its shape and deteriorate. This deterioration makes dental implants in Las Vegas complicated to receive without a little assistance. The process of ridge augmentation is where the jawbone can be reformed for the dental implants placement. It is a surgical procedure which should be executed by an oral surgeon. Dr. DeAndrade has years of experience performing this procedure.

Ridge Augmentation Procedure

In the ridge augmentation procedure you need anesthesia. When you are undergoing the surgery the area needs to be absolutely numb as our periodontist is going to pull away gums in the affected portion to uncover the jawbone ridge. Once this has been done our doctor will fill up the deteriorated parts of the jaw with a bone like substance thus reforming the ridge of your jawbone to its actual shape. After the process has been executed and the mouth has completely recovered then the oral implants can be placed. The staff at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants and Dr. De Andrade will make sure that you receive the best possible treatment during this procedure.

If you want enhanced aesthetic results then this process should be performed prior to installing new crowns. You can always go for temporary tooth replacement which can be performed when you had lost your tooth. However, the final restoration should not be done until 6 weeks following complete gum healing.

Because ridge augmentation is considered a surgery it is extremely important to select an oral surgeon like Dr. DeAndrade who has experience, is qualified and a skilled perfectionist who can perform it at the highest level. His impeccable record and over concern with every patient he works with places your oral care in great hands. There is no need to travel hundreds of miles when you can get the best surgeon in your neighborhood here in Summerlin of Las Vegas or Henderson.

Pre and Post-Surgical Care Following a Ridge Augmentation

As with all of our surgeries we will spend individual time with you to discuss what to expect during your individual procedure both before and after your surgery. If you have any question never hesitate to contact us and please see our general literature we have on our website for pre-surgical and post-surgical care to answer most general questions. Stitches are placed in order to speed up the healing process. However, there may be post-surgical discomfort which may linger for a couple of days. But you can deal with it with over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. As a patient you can follow your regular routine following the day of the surgery. Dr. DeAndrade will give you necessary instructions that relate to medications, exercise and diet.

Give us a call today if you have any query about the ridge augmentation procedure, or anything else relevant to your oral health. We’re ready to assist you to create a satisfactory experience for you every time you come to our office.

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