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Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is caused by excess gingiva (gum tissue) building up around the teeth. In a way, this is the opposite problem to gum line recession, an early warning sign of gingivitis or other periodontal diseases. When a person with excessive gum tissue smiles, it makes their teeth appear shorter and their smile disproportionate. This can make people very self-conscious about their smile or laugh, but this is not typically a functional problem unless there’s so much gum that the crowns of the teeth are occluded.

Causes Of Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be the result of a number of different causes, each warranting its own approach and treatment options. The development of a person’s upper jaw during childhood may be part of the problem. If a person’s teeth erupt in an abnormal fashion, this can shift or move the gingiva, making it appear larger than it actually is and altering the contours of the smile. A hyperactive upper lip can expose more gum tissue than you may plan to show in a smile. Finally, the gingiva itself may simply have grown too much, too quickly, resulting in a gummy smile.

In a situation like this, excess gingival tissue may not be simply an aesthetic issue. Especially where the development of the teeth or jaw is under consideration, a gummy smile could be a warning of a bite deformity that can affect the patient’s overall health. What treatment options exist depend in large part on the reason for the gummy smile. In the case of jaw malformation, braces or maxillofacial surgery may be the appropriate corrective measures. Where the upper lip is involved, labial surgery is a possible course of action. Finally, laser therapy and gum lift procedures may be the best way to correct excess gum tissue.

Gain Your Confidence

A gummy smile doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, but the underlying cause needs to be determined so as to ensure that the correct treatment for your particular condition is administered. One great benefit of all these procedures and corrective options is that, no matter which way it goes, at the end of it you’ll be able to kiss that gummy smile goodbye and say hello to a beautiful, even, proportionate smile you’ll be glad to show off! Consult with Dr. De Andrade and find out which treatments may be most helpful for your particular needs.

Crown Lengthening: An Option For Treating Gummy Smiles

A crown lengthening process can be performed to correct a gummy smile appearance. During the process our Las Vegas periodontist will eliminate the extra gingival tissue and bone to expose tooth surface. This procedure can be done on one or more teeth. This will help to create a natural looking smile. The benefits of the process include enhanced confidence and comfort when eating, smiling and speaking. As discussed earlier this procedure can also improve oral and gum tissue health.

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