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Crown Shortening

Unlike crown lengthening, which is concerned with eliminating excess gum tissue, crown shortening involves eliminating excess enamel or bone tissue to correct a “horsey” or toothy smile. In this procedure, the crown of the tooth is shortened to be more symmetrical and proportionate. This procedure may be done by reshaping and resculpting the surface of the teeth or by gum lift, where tissue from the roof of the mouth is harvested to adjust the ratio of tooth to gum.

Exploring Your Best Options

Like crown lengthening, this is a surgical procedure and therapeutic options may be considered first. There are a number of reasons why a person may not be a candidate for crown shortening, such as fragile or brittle enamel, risk factors such as health history and medications, lifestyle factors such as smoking or drug use, and the overall oral health of the patient. Although most patients will generally find that crown shortening is a viable option, some will not. Radiographic examination and a comprehensive oral examination can help reveal problems that would prevent the procedure from going forward, such as weakened roots, pockets of decay, weakened or receding gums, and other factors.

Dr. De Andrade takes a very cautious and conservative approach to any form of oral surgery. Where another therapeutic option exists that may give similar results without the need to perform surgery, these options will always be exercised first. Part of this is to ensure that the support structures of the teeth and gums are as healthy as possible in case the problem does not respond to therapeutic intervention. Another reason is because even periodontal surgery, which is relatively safe and well-tolerated, does carry some degree of risk. Because of these factors, it is preferable to err on the side of a cautious and graduated approach so as to reduce or negate the risks of surgery as much as possible

Crown shortening is only one of several options Dr. De Andrade may discuss with you depending on your particular needs, state of oral and physical health, and individual risk factors. However, most patients respond well to the procedure and find the aesthetic results well worth the screening process. To find out whether crown shortening is an option for your particular smile, consult with Dr. De Andrade as soon as possible. A beautiful smile is more easily attainable than ever before!

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