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Gum Lift

A crooked, wavering, or misaligned gum line not only appears unattractive, but can make a person very self-conscious about their appearance. Smiles where the gums and teeth are not properly aligned and balanced are said to appear “horsey” or “gummy.” Consider a person with small teeth and large gums (or vice versa), whose smile appears imbalanced by comparison with a person with a more typical dentition to gum ratio.

A gum lift is a procedure designed to correct the gum line of a patient. This procedure is predominantly used to treat gum disease, and has only become a popular aesthetic surgery in the last few years. There are actually two types of this surgery: gum lifting and gum lowering. Also known as crown lengthening (making the “crowns,” or tips, of the teeth appear longer in contrast to the gums) or crown shortening, this procedure involves shaping and sculpting the gums or the underlying bones to make the patient’s smile appear more symmetrical and the teeth appear more proportional to the patient’s mouth.

Gum lifts can either be focused on one area of the mouth or the entire mouth. Commonly patients may have a perfectly aligned upper gum line while having a recessed or overdeveloped lower gum. In addition, due to accident, injury, or tooth loss, a small area of the gums may be raised or lowered, making just a few teeth seem misaligned in contrast to the rest of the mouth. Cases like these are what prompted the use of gum lift surgery as a viable cosmetic procedure.

A gum lift is generally minimally invasive, but a great deal depends on where the area under consideration is located, what needs to be done, and why. As a cosmetic procedure, a gum lift may require much less work than if it is being performed to correct gum disease. In addition, the amount of invasion and tissue insult can and will change depending on whether only the soft tissue is being sculpted or whether it will be necessary to perform direct adjustment to the underlying bone in order to achieve the desired effect.

Gum adjustment surgery is only one of the options available to correct a misaligned smile, and the results of initial examination and other reported symptoms or difficulties will influence what the best option is for your mouth. Talk with Dr. De Andrade today and see if a gum lift can help you achieve the even, straight, proportionate smile you’ve always dreamed of having!