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Non Surgical Procedures

Our periodontist approaches every patient and every case of periodontal disease with a view to using the least invasive and traumatic treatment options possible. For this reason, he prefers antibiotics and periodontal therapeutic methods to practices such as surgical intervention wherever possible. This cautious and conservative approach is beneficial to patients because it makes going to the dentist less like a trip to the dentist in most cases.

Antibiotics and non-surgical procedures are Dr. De Andrade’s preferred methodology for dealing with periodontal problems when appropriate. These include procedures such as root planing and subgingival scaling. Root planing is how a dentist or periodontist removes plaque beneath the gum line where toothbrushes and floss cannot reach. If plaque is not removed, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria and can harden into tartar, which can cause or exacerbate periodontal issues. This is the procedure patients commonly think of when they go in for a cleaning, and is often used as an interchangeable term with subgingival scaling. While this is not entirely accurate as subgingival scaling may involve creating a temporary pocket for deeper cleaning and to assist visual assessment of the area, generally the terms are synonymous in procedure if not depth.

The Anthem Periodontic staff’s reliance on nonsurgical options when and where possible is predicated on the knowledge that even severe periodontal disease cases may respond positively to therapy more readily than more aggressive procedures. In addition, periodontal therapy can help bolster the support structures of the mouth, resulting in more efficient healing if surgical intervention is later indicated. However, the first line of periodontal disease prevention begins with the patient, which is why good, diligent oral hygiene practices are emphasized and strongly encouraged.

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