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Surgical Procedures

While surgical intervention is not Anthem Periodontics’s preferred method of dealing with oral and periodontal problems, regrettably, sometimes there is simply no other choice. Some examples of this include cases where the possible consequences of inaction outweigh the benefits of waiting, such as when severe infection is present or a chipped or broken tooth is causing sufficient pain to interfere with a patient’s quality of life, health, or safety. Other reasons for surgery include preparatory surgery prior to setting a dental implant or when the mouth is so compromised by periodontal disease that a full mouth reconstruction is required to restore full functionality to the mouth.

One procedure our periodontist commonly performs is known as bone grafting. In this procedure, a small bit of bone is implanted into the socket of a missing or removed tooth to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and provide a stable base for an implant later. This is also commonly used when a patient’s jaw doesn’t have enough bone to support an implant on its own. Another procedure, connective tissue grafting, involves harvesting tissue from the roof of the mouth to replace receding gum tissue. In the case of badly compromised gingiva (gum tissue), a gingivectomy may be required to repair the damage caused by plaque and tartar buildup on the roots of the teeth before the roots themselves are compromised.

In extreme cases, osseous surgery, or reshaping and reconditioning the bone which supports the teeth may be required. This is typically used in severe cases of periodontal disease where holes in the bone have formed because of advanced, unchecked progression of the disease. These holes, called defects, affect the nerves at the core of the tooth and the soft, pulpy tissue called dentin that supports them. Osseous surgery is a direct intervention, last resort method to resolve this problem.

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