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Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple Teeth Can Be Replaced Permanently

Replacing Multiple Teeth Requires Multiple Implants and Gives Our Patients A Permanent Solution

If you’re missing multiple teeth, implants may be a solution for you. Implants are a good solution for someone missing multiple teeth but who doesn’t need a full mouth restoration, which is a similar and yet radically different procedure both in scope and scale. Because they are not removable appliances like dentures, but are anchored to your jaw much like natural teeth are, you don’t need to worry about slippage or loss even when participating in physically demanding activities. Perhaps even better still, no one needs to know you have them except you!

In a multiple implant situation, Dr. De Andrade implants a post directly into the bone of your jaw. This will serve as the root later on. Once the site has healed and your jaw has accepted the implant by incorporating it into the structure of the jaw, the second part is to place a mated post over the root post and then apply the prosthetic tooth. Once this is done, the result is a tooth that looks and functions just like your own natural teeth.

The Dental Implant Advantage

Dental implants are superior to bridges and dentures because they don’t have to be removed, making them ideal for people who either don’t need or don’t have time for the more rigorous care and maintenance removable orthotics require. The same oral hygiene regimen you give your natural teeth, including conscientious daily brushing and flossing, will ensure that these implants will last you a lifetime with far less effort and expense than dentures or bridges.

No matter how many implants you need, dental implants are not a “quick fix” solution. They are placed during a series of steps and as such require diligent aftercare to reduce the risk of complications. After the implant series is completed, you should schedule follow-up appointments every two to three months for monitoring and to ensure there are no problems. This regimen should be observed until cleared by Dr. De Andrade, but afterward the regular six month checkup and cleaning schedule can be resumed.

As a final note, patients with insufficient, weakened, or reduced bone in the jaw may need a bone graft prior to implanting the root posts. This is not a problem, but it will add to the elapsed time between the initial procedure and the final setting of the implants. A comprehensive oral examination and radiographic examination will determine what the best course of action for your unique situation is.

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