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Full Mouth Restoration

Full Dental Implants, Full mouth Restoration, A replacement for Dentures

Full Mouth Restoration Is A Great Alternative To Dentures.

In cases where a person’s dentition has been severely compromised by accident, injury, age, or as a result of advanced periodontal disease, there may be no choice but to go in and remove all the remaining teeth as a prelude to a full mouth restoration. Until recently, the only option for people who had undergone a full mouth restoration was dentures. Today there is an exciting new option without the hassle, fuss, and concern dentures inevitably bring with them, such as soaking, pasting, bleaching, and so on.

In a full mouth restoration, “root” posts are implanted into the jaw at strategic locations, much like single or multiple implants to replace individual missing teeth. These posts will serve as the anchors for the new synthetic teeth to come. Once the bone has assimilated the root posts, a metal anchor cap is placed over them. This anchor cap will serve as the permanent base for the new synthetic teeth, which look just like natural teeth and allow you to smile wider without discomfort or being self-conscious.

Eliminate The Hassle OF Dentures

Unlike conventional dentures, which require regular removal, cleaning, pasting, and careful consideration before eating certain foods or engaging in certain activities, the prosthetic teeth used in a full mouth restoration become a permanent part of your mouth. Because of this, they are an excellent solution for people with active lifestyles who don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the potential problems of dentures.

A full mouth restoration is not one surgical procedure, but a series of them, and in some cases additional work such as bone augmentation to shore up depleted or inadequate bone in the jaw may be required for the restoration to be effective. A comprehensive oral examination and radiological examination will help determine what course of action will be most effective for your situation.

Given a proper oral hygiene routine, the implants used in a full mouth restoration will last a lifetime. Diligent and conscientious brushing and flossing cannot be stressed enough for this type of procedure. It is recommended that in addition to careful oral hygiene, you also arrange for aftercare appointments at two to three month intervals to ensure there are no problems with the implants. Usually within two to three appointments, you can expect to go back to a regular six-month checkup routine, but this varies on a case by case basis.

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